Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Secret Fresh Releases Toys at Manilart 2011

Secret Fresh introduces limited edition versions of Bjorn Calleja's Color Bringer, JP Cuison's Rizalborg and Christian Tamondong's Boxboy at this year's Manilart, to be held at the NBC Tent on August 24-27.

Bjorn Calleja's Color Bringer is a "personification of a reluctant rainbow giver to a world that has ceased to thrive in wonder and imagination".

JP Cuison's Rizalborg is a reinterpretation of the national hero in today's technology-driven lifestyle.

Christian Tamondong's Boxboy Skrull is a representation of a childhood wish to wander to different places, and only being able to do so through his imagination.

Besides the launch of these limited edition pieces, Secret Fresh will also be having a toy auction program, with a presentation by JP Cuison on the inspiration behind the Rizalborg and his Gigzilla posters. There will also be a live demo of art toy customizations by Pilipinas Street Plan members Whoop and Nemo Aguila. Their toys Mr. Brain Freeze and Bochog Manster, respectively, will be auctioned off, along with customized Munny toys.

Secret Fresh

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