Thursday, May 3, 2012


In the bustle of Manila, cute and unique establishments offer weary urbanites a quiet caffeinated haven.

Writer Hannah Galang and Shari Quimbo
Photographer Paola Aseron and Paolo Buendia

This summer, skip the traffic on the highways and instead partake in some sweet respites in the middle of the metro. SPACE compiles some of the cute and kitschy coffee shops dotting the metro, where the decor and atmosphere give as much of an energy boost as the drinks served.
Photos by Paola Aseron
Photos by Paola Aseron
Photos by Paolo Buendia
Photos by Paola Aseron
Photos by Paola Aseron
Check out the full cafe feature with more photos and more cafes on SPACE's Spring/Summer issue out in the stands now!
Some like it Haute. SPACE Spring/Summer 2012 Issue with Maxims Hotel Manila on the cover.
Photographed by Kerwin Kaiser Yu

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Original post from Editorial Assistant  Hannah Galang's blog.

Back in college a lot of friends would advice me to go and check out Bangkal in Makati but when I got the chance to drive around it, all the stores were closed and I never found the time go back. I never found the time to come back until my assignment for SPACE MAGAZINE's Spring/Summer 2012 issue came. 

A little side story during the production of this feature is that it actually took us 4 tries to finally shoot it-all thanks to the unpredictable weather! So when the weather decided to cooperate, I took the chance to go and discover what I could find in this so called super sized treasure chest. To my surprise, I actually found a lot of good finds--may it be good reads, home decor, antique furniture, asian home decor, lighting fixtures, vinyl records and cassettes, and yes..Even posters of Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and other bands that grew fame during the 90's.

Here are some photographs I was able to take during the trip:
HELLO THERE.If I wasn't commuting during that day, I would have gotten this. 
I didn't get the chance to look at the books closely but I've heard that some books available here are not available on bookstores anymore. 
This is the perfect place for you Asian style lovers.
They have ballusters, statues, wooden chairs, benches,
and even mahjong and chess tables.
I like this idea of recycling plastic.
You'd find these mobiles a lot and they come on different colors and figures too.
Sake, anyone?
Sake/Teacups are also one of the widely seen items here.
Collectors come here and actually haul them.
INTERESTING SET UP.I love how this particular store mixed the past and the present. Wooden chairs,
antique jars, a romantic painting contrasted the concrete wall.
MARIE ANTOINETTEThis particular piece reminded me so much of the noted French fashion and political figure.
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? 
THE ODD ONE OUT. Being a thrift capital, you will really get surprised as to what you
would find in one store. Even its arrangement of products ;)
Here's a clipping from our SHOP TALK feature. 
Check out Bangkal and other stores for new, good finds and possible fun day tours and impulsive shopping trip ;)
Photographed by Kerwin Kaiser Yu ; Cover Story by Cristy Montrial
Make sure to check out SPACE Magazine's "Some like it Haute" issue out now in all bookstores Nationwide with Maxims Hotel in the Cover. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Atelier 317, Stephani Zubiri's epicurean destination espouses the art of good food. 
Writer Christy Monastrial Photographer John Daniel Garcia

While Manila's dining experience scene has a propensity for trendy restaurants, oftentimes churning out similar ones within moments of each other, it's still home to some of the most unique and well-thought out dining experiences you will ever have the good fortune to come across.

On top of that list? Atelier 317. Even as establishments clamor for an address at the best commercial spots in the metro, Atelier 317 chooses to keep its exact whereabouts hush-hush, only letting slip that it's located in a private home in the heart of Manila's business district to entice future patrons to learn more.

Executive Chef and Managing Director of Modern Epicurean Kitchen Stephanie
Zubiri smiles for the camera.
The weathered dining tables give a shabby chic vibe, while the dark blue wall anchors
the collection of framed vegetable prints.
Flames Kesong Puti (white cheese made from carabao milk) Caprese Salad
Agli e olio with your topping of choice (Dried salted fish flakes or truffle paste.)
Aside from the good food and warm Interiors, guests would also fancy the beautiful tiny details found around the place.
Colorful glasses reminiscent of the beautiful gradient and feel of the Tropics

Tel. no. +632 384 7064, +63 917 830 8393
(by appointment)

Read more about the feature on Atelier 317 in our Spring/Summer issue with Maxims Hotel, Manila on the cover.
Cover Photo Kerwin Kaiser Yu

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Photographer: Jerome Apostol
Summer is the season for bright colors, beach trips, smoothies and cocktails, as well as getting yourselves a hobby or a new business venture. The Bead Lady in Cubao Expo opens up like a candy shop for trinkets, charms and gems, its red door enticing passersby to take a look inside. 
Various hand painted flats could also be seen on the store. You will find them in different
colorful patterns and styles.
Done in gummy bear red and bubblegum blue-green colors, this shop brings guests back to childhood with a display of clear candy jars or pastry plates that highlight their delectable color. SPACE

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Writer Shari Quimbo
Photographer Paola Aseron and Kerwin Kaiser Yu

Elegantly LaidbackMarguerite Lhuillier may have been designing furniture for years, but there is clearly no issue at being dated here. With Infini, Marguerite creates pieces that are classic, using indigenous materials to create classic furniture with a distinct Cebuano style. 
Woven details and rattan furniture, the feel is sophisticated yet laidback, which creates a distinct elegance. Infini’s showroom is a charming tableau in itself, housed in a traditional-style house complete with capiz on the windows. The furniture is arranged in mini-sitting areas, with colorful vases, oversized baskets and other accessories displayed on various corners and niches. 
Inside, the natural palette of wood and other materials are complemented by the natural light that flows in from the atrium in the middle of the showroom.SPACE

Thursday, February 9, 2012


New Treats

Here’s our selection of big design hits this season

Writer Sheryl Songsong
Image courtesy STAR strategies + architecture

O’ Mighty Green is a critical piece, a satyr, about Green Washing and the demagogical use of Green in design, architecture, urbanism, and in general in every aspect of the society. Green has come to represent sustainability. 
Sustainable Cenotaph
Eco Villa Rotunda
Eco villa in Savoye 
Sustainable village in Auschwitz
Monumento Continuo
Eco Berlin Wall 

A Green Barcelona

 Here are their thrusts: emancipation, function, style, religion and ambiguity. The study was selected to be exhibited at the International Festival of Experimental Architecture Eme3 in Barcelona last July and received an award from the jury.SPACE

O'MIGHTY GREEN As seen on SPACE Magazine's Design Drift Section (Nov-Jan 2012)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


With Valentine's day fast approaching, a lot of men are out and about planning for that special day with their loved one. And with the knowledge of how romantic preparations are made, Taal Vista Hotel opens its doors to a romantic trip to the beginning of forever.
Make your Valentines day this year special by a sweet proposal. In celebration of Taal Vista Hotel's 75th anniversary, the Hotel unveils their most romantic Valentine's Day Proposal Package.

Picture yourselves to the first step to forever which begins with a hand-delivered invitation for a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two at Taal Vista Hotel. The couple will be chauffeur-driven to Tagaytay where they will be welcomed by general manager Bernardo Corpus, Jr. Serenades from a string quartet set the stage for an intimate evening. Award-winning executive chef Babes Austria provides the perfect prelude with a sumptuous 6-course candlelit dinner by the fireplaceAfter dinner, the moment of truth unfolds as the couple proceeds to the Ridge where a cozy dessert set-up awaits them. The cool weather creates the ideal setting as he prepares to ask the question of a lifetime. A majestic fireworks display will light up the sky in celebration of the engagement.

Contact the Taal Vista Hotel's Events Specialist for more information on Taal Vista Hotel’s Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Package valid from February 10-14, 2012.
Taal Vista Hotel is located along Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City. For inquiries, please call +63 (2) 886-4325 or log on to

Monday, January 30, 2012


A corner café in Makati makes an experience out of food and furniture.

Writer Jem Sampang
Photographer Rob Chan

Combine sleek interiors, quirky collectibles and fabulous desserts together and you’ll get Tutto Domani—a specialty coffee shop that attracts sweets and collectible junkies to the corner of New World Hotel in Makati.

Given a metro sprawling with coffee shops, the ambiance in Tutto Domani is definitely exceptional as brought by its flawlessly mixed and matched interior, mellow lighting, and white walls and ceilings. 

Recently opened in May 2011, Tutto Domani used to be Domani International Inc, carrying modern European furniture and accessories before the owners—Anthony Yupangco and his brother Joey—decided to change the concept to keep up with the times. Now, Tutto Domani is a charming and inviting coffee bar, while the adjoining space is Z Point, where they continue to sell quality imported furniture (featured in this issue’s Shops-Ed)
The week’s specials are written on the wall, for easy reference and a casual vibe
A distinctive element of the shop is the presence of toys and collectibles on display, ranging from colorful Care Bears to large and hard-to-find vinyl toys. When asked why they decided to sell toys in the store, Anthony recalls, “It was Big Boy Cheng! He was our client [and] one time he noticed that we had toys in the store as part of accessories.” The interaction spurred a common fascination with toys, and when Big Boy (who also owns Secret Fresh in Ronac Art Center) decided to distribute Kidrobot in the Philippines, Anthony was all too happy to help. The colorful pieces are displayed on the plain white shelves, livening up the casual space.
A medley of desserts—crepe de mangue, walnit cake, mascali tiramisu and Tutto Domani’s meringue
The interiors are best enjoyed sampling the food, whose presentation in itself is enough to grab attention. Food is served on wooden boards instead of the usual trays, with condiments and sidings housed in small clear dishes. Comfort food may abound in Domani, but that doesn’t mean their dishes are ordinary.
Iced mocha is served in decanters to share
Italiano di basic salami and mozzarella, served with chips, dips and a side salad
Tutto Domani is definitely a place to enjoy a quiet afternoon with good food and quirky surroundings. Whether in for a good cup of coffee or to survey the toys on display, visitors will definitely find something to contribute to their lifestyle. But Anthony says there might be more to come. 
 Toys and unconventional kitchen accessories add to Domani’s charm
“The name of the store speaks for itself… Tutto and domani are Italian words which mean everything tomorrow,” says Anthony. 
Domani also sells kitchen ware, its stainless steel functionality a cute contrast to the Disney toys on display    

The colorful pieces brighten up the neutral colors of the space 
“Therefore anything that is new and good, [that’s] what we want to give the market. [May it] be food, things and even art, the future will fit in the concept of Tutto Domani and Zpoint.”-SPACE

Tutto Domani and Zpoint
New World Renaissance Hotel
Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue
Tel +632 811 6702
More beautiful design and travel inspirations on our Perfect Set Up issue (Nov-Jan 2012). 

Friday, January 27, 2012


Arcy Gayatin brings new meaning to personal style, creating a home that is breezy, comfortable and in fashion.

Writer Twenty Muñoz
Photographer Paola Aseron

There is a truism that rules the fashion industry—trends come and go, and it is completely up to us to follow it or not. There is a caveat, however: do not follow trends blindly, lest you fall victim to it. None knows this better than Arcy Gayatin, who has been dressing the women of Cebu for over a quarter of a century now. The secret to her success is simple, one that is based on what she knows as truth as well—“I believe clothes should fulfill their primary purpose, which is to be worn,” Arcy says. 

Her no-nonsense approach led her to design clothes that are as creative as they are easy.

 “I don't believe in being uncomfortable, let alone, suffering for fashion. I think the best-dressed women are always easy in their own skin,” she says.

“When we moved here in 1992, it was a country house. Our deck overlooked a lake, so we thought that country [style] was the way to go,” the designer recalls. 

But nature had other plans, and sadly, the lake that inspired the family to take on the country style, had but dried up. Eight years after, the house evolved into a modern Asian style, an architectural trend that at the time was starting to pick up.

But rarely does creativity stop and settle. So in 2010, the house saw yet another re-design, but one that wasn’t exactly as clear-cut as the first two design themes. “I don't think there is one singular style that defines it… the current look does not really refer to a particular style or period,” says Arcy. The actual redecoration took three months, following a phase of extensive repair work around the house.
The six-bedroom house is now in a state of eclecticism that Arcy herself oversaw, and couldn’t find more satisfying, “Its current look is quite quirky and playful. It doesn't take itself too seriously,” she says, “It's just a happy mix of pieces that I love and tell the house's story.”
The result is an interior that is unapologetic with its mix of colors, patterns and textures. Floral upholstery, for instance, in hues of bright yellows and hot pinks are mixed with ethnic and Asian patterns and motifs, and even animal prints. Contemporary-styled furniture pieces find themselves in a mélange of traditional Filipino, European and Asian pieces. 
A good case in point is a brick oven that Arcy had commissioned to be constructed at the backyard for her husband, Bill. “He’s a fantastic cook, so that was a good excuse to get one,” Arcy says. The oven is completely made from bricks that had come from her parents’ old bakery. “So although the oven itself is new, there's family history behind it and the bricks it is made out of are 46 years old,” she explains.

Though Arcy may be a fashion designer, and though the house had been designed and decorated twice over, rest assured she does not change the look of her house as often as she changes shirts, “Thankfully, unlike fashion, your home is not at the mercy of trends. It has a more permanent quality to it. After all, it's a reflection of who you are and the kind of life you live.”-SPACE
More beautiful homes and design inspiration on our Perfect Set Up issue (Nove-Jan 2012).