Thursday, March 31, 2011

Currently Loving Petit H

Fashion powerhouse Hermes launched a new collection dubbed “Petit h”, a series of “unidentified poetic objects” formed from defective inventory and factory-floor leftovers. With inspired ideas and adept hands, the company’s artisans are creating everything from jewelry hangers from teapot spouts, dumbbells from crystal wear, and intricate necklaces from their leather scraps.

Re-creation. If one word alone could encapsulate Petit h, this would be it. A creative laboratory assembling in one place materials, artists and artisans all adhering to Hermès standards of quality, (a tip of the cap to the capital H of Hermès, and to be pronounced ‘small h’) nurtures the invention and creation of all form of objects. All different, functional, unexpected and extraordinary...

Poetic, unconventional, free. Like a jazz group invited to improvise alongside the large symphony orchestra of Hermès, Petit h has its own rhythm. Its goal: to enchant, incite passion, sanction sweet madness!

Concept — To give new life to discarded materials and objects salvaged from Hermès workshops. To transform them using the eyes of artists and expert hands of the house’s craftsmen. To create exceptional objects, unerringly unique in their spirit of invention and quality of execution. Recycling and rebirth, this is the
underlying approach of Petit h.  

Inspiration — Since childhood, Pascale Mussard has been nicknamed ‘Don’t-throw-that-out, it-might-be-useful’. A member of the sixth generation of the Hermès family, she has long held the desire to forge a link between inspiration from the past and the unwritten future. With the desire to preserve the Hermès alchemy, combining spirit, creativity, genius of the hand and ability to surprise.

Heritage — Drawing on the material, expertise, and values of Hermès, the re-creation workshop of       returns to the house’s roots: working in close collaboration with craftsmen.

Hermès –
Hermes is located at Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati Avenue, Makati City
+ 632 757 8910

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