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Back in college a lot of friends would advice me to go and check out Bangkal in Makati but when I got the chance to drive around it, all the stores were closed and I never found the time go back. I never found the time to come back until my assignment for SPACE MAGAZINE's Spring/Summer 2012 issue came. 

A little side story during the production of this feature is that it actually took us 4 tries to finally shoot it-all thanks to the unpredictable weather! So when the weather decided to cooperate, I took the chance to go and discover what I could find in this so called super sized treasure chest. To my surprise, I actually found a lot of good finds--may it be good reads, home decor, antique furniture, asian home decor, lighting fixtures, vinyl records and cassettes, and yes..Even posters of Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and other bands that grew fame during the 90's.

Here are some photographs I was able to take during the trip:
HELLO THERE.If I wasn't commuting during that day, I would have gotten this. 
I didn't get the chance to look at the books closely but I've heard that some books available here are not available on bookstores anymore. 
This is the perfect place for you Asian style lovers.
They have ballusters, statues, wooden chairs, benches,
and even mahjong and chess tables.
I like this idea of recycling plastic.
You'd find these mobiles a lot and they come on different colors and figures too.
Sake, anyone?
Sake/Teacups are also one of the widely seen items here.
Collectors come here and actually haul them.
INTERESTING SET UP.I love how this particular store mixed the past and the present. Wooden chairs,
antique jars, a romantic painting contrasted the concrete wall.
MARIE ANTOINETTEThis particular piece reminded me so much of the noted French fashion and political figure.
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? 
THE ODD ONE OUT. Being a thrift capital, you will really get surprised as to what you
would find in one store. Even its arrangement of products ;)
Here's a clipping from our SHOP TALK feature. 
Check out Bangkal and other stores for new, good finds and possible fun day tours and impulsive shopping trip ;)
Photographed by Kerwin Kaiser Yu ; Cover Story by Cristy Montrial
Make sure to check out SPACE Magazine's "Some like it Haute" issue out now in all bookstores Nationwide with Maxims Hotel in the Cover. 

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