Thursday, February 9, 2012


New Treats

Here’s our selection of big design hits this season

Writer Sheryl Songsong
Image courtesy STAR strategies + architecture

O’ Mighty Green is a critical piece, a satyr, about Green Washing and the demagogical use of Green in design, architecture, urbanism, and in general in every aspect of the society. Green has come to represent sustainability. 
Sustainable Cenotaph
Eco Villa Rotunda
Eco villa in Savoye 
Sustainable village in Auschwitz
Monumento Continuo
Eco Berlin Wall 

A Green Barcelona

 Here are their thrusts: emancipation, function, style, religion and ambiguity. The study was selected to be exhibited at the International Festival of Experimental Architecture Eme3 in Barcelona last July and received an award from the jury.SPACE

O'MIGHTY GREEN As seen on SPACE Magazine's Design Drift Section (Nov-Jan 2012)

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