Monday, February 28, 2011

CHS Interior Design Exhibit: Aidvocates

Last February 10, The graduation Interior Design batch of College of the Holy Spirit formally opened their 18-day Interior Design exhibit at the CHS School grounds. 

This year's theme was all about advocacy and designing with a heart. Each booth represented a certain cause-child literacy, proper shelter, peaceful study environment, and more. The exhibit was graced by President Noynoy Aquino's sister, Mrs. Viel Aquino-Dy. 

SPACE was the official media partner of the event where magazines were handed out to the guests that same night.

Here are some photos taken from the exhibit:
The hand painted Cherry Blossom tree in this room became the focal point of the area while the wall mounted bookshelf added a three dimensional effect to it.
The hand painted cartoon illustration added a story to this Dining area and gave it a very young and playful vibe.
Cozy music room/lounge
Now who would want to have a classroom that has a modern and playful feel? We sure do!
A reading area inspired by all things modern and asian
All things playful and child friendly is the main theme of this bedroom.


  1. WOW! Thanks, Space Beyond Luxury, for featuring our exhibit! We're really very happy that you agreed to be part of our experience!

    ~ Jan-Marcie Carandang
    College Of The Holy Spirit, Manila
    BS - Interior Design 4

  2. Congratulations Jan! I know you will all go a long long way. Keep up the good work. God bless you!